Sleep Program


Sleep is one of the key ingredients to good health. It gives us mental alertness, physical coordination, and restores and rejuvenates nearly every cell in our body. It improves our memory, mental concentration, and creativity. We need sleep. And most of us love it!   


Many studies have concluded that listening to slow, quiet, meditative music, reduces stress in all ages – including newborns – and has countless other documented health benefits such as reducing anxiety, lowering high blood pressure and heart and respiratory rates and assisting those with insomnia.  A recent medical study has also added enhanced brainpower and a better memory to the benefits of music while we sleep!   


Debbie Danbrook, through her Healing Music Company, has produced two recordings specifically designed to enhance our sleep experience and at the same time take advantage of these many other benefits!


'Sounds for Sleep' is a 43 minute recording that helps people fall asleep and stay asleep.  This recording utilizes an ancient Japanese instrument, the Shakuhachi flute, to create a type of Zen called 'Suizen' or blowing Zen. This instrument was traditionally played only by monks as part of their Zen practice. Listening to the Shakuhachi creates a calm and relaxed feeling - the breath slows and the rhythms of the body and mind come together.  Sounds from the London Boys' Choir (played on a keyboard) are also used in the background, creating an overall experience that is beautiful, soothing, tranquil and flowing.


By leaving this Sleep music on all night, very, very softly, the listener relaxes into a deeper, sounder sleep - and the rest simply happens!


The companion recording to 'Sounds for Sleep' is 'Movement for Sleep'. This recording combines the music from 'Sounds for Sleep' with very gentle, guided movements that can be easily done in bed either during the day or before bedtime. This is movement that anyone can do, no yoga background or meditation techniques are needed.  Those with physical restrictions can also benefit from this recording by doing the guided breath work and visualizing the movements while enjoying the relaxing music. The breath work follows a very simple and calming spoken meditation phrase, resulting in a deeply relaxed state. 


Please refer to the Sleep Program Instructions for details on how to use these recordings to enhance your sleep experience.



Scientific Information on Brainwaves



BETA ALPHA THETA DELTA - The effect of the Sleep Program on brainwave activity.


In our busy and often stress-filled days we stay mostly in the BETA waves of brainwave activity. These waves can take us from being comfortably alert with normal thought patterns to an uncomfortable level of frustration and anxiety that fills us with extreme tension.


In a normal, relaxed daily routine as the day comes to an end we would naturally move through ALPHA and THETA waves. These waves offer us deep relaxation - a meditative state, drowsiness, the beginning of falling asleep and then moving us into sleep. During the ALPHA and THETA states we are in our most receptive, creative and healing states. Our mind and body are integrated.


And then we move to DELTA for our deep sleep state.


What is happening for many of us is a jumping from extremely active BETA waves directly to DELTA. Often this occurs from sheer exhaustion. Because so many are sleep deprived (and that includes children) we fall into an exhausted sleep, and don’t have the gentle flow there that would facilitate time in the healing and relaxing ALPHA and THETA states. Or sleeping pills take us directly into DELTA, again bypassing either or both the ALPHA and THETA states.


The music, breathing Mantra and gentle movements in the Sleep Program, will help you to move naturally through both ALPHA and THETA wave patterns - encouraging deep healing that will in turn facilitate deep, restful sleep.

Guided Sleep Meditation coming soon! For more information, please contact: